Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cinema 4D Hair TOOLS: DO NOT try using the hair tools or editing the HAIR inside a Symmetry OBJECT! 

Digital Dolls Blogspot :)
Seems sometimes no matter how hard I try to get somewhere modeling or animating something in Cinema 4D the hours and days vanish and I'm wondering and feeling like I got NOWHERE, uggh!!!

I just need to remember that Cinema 4D is a megga software app and people have been developing and upgrading it day after day for years to make it an ultimate Art & ANIMATION APP!  I mean really ..those developers are way ahead of me designing new features all the time, yay!!

I totally adore C4D soo MUCH and it gets me soo EXCITED yet, I feel like I'm stuck inside a never ending world.

Well, after taking a month break I got back a little inspiration and energy to work on hands and ended up working with HAIR... OH MANNO it's so cool!!

I had a couple frustrations at first with the HAIR...

#1. My Video tutorial at wouldn't play in my Firefox browser..RRRR..thankfully I opened up the Chrome browser and it worked YAY!

#2. I went nutso because for some CRAZY reason the "HAIR TOOLS" were acting so retarted! Nothing would select, or one little hair would select and then nothing would deselect, rrrrr maddening! I tried rebooting and reopening and that didn't work. That's when I decided I better reopen my HAIR tutorials. Then they would NOT play..RRRRRR!!!

Then a miracle happened and I realized, "wait a sec" my HEAD OBJECT is under a couple things;
Hypernerb and a Symmetry object.
I pulled the head of hair object out and ..Yay, yippee..all the Hair TOOLS were working properly again! I was then so tired at 10:30 I crashed. Woke up and worked five + hours on hair.
The hair tutorials are amazing at, THANK YOU LORD for great visual tutorials! I am completely blown away by the powerful HAIR editing Tools in Cinema 4D who knows when I tried them last? Hair is quite time consuming. I plan to work on a bit more on modeling this weekend, wont you be so proud of me when I do hands? Just imagine how cool they will be animating...ahhhh, oooooo, ahhhhh!!!!
Have blessed Memorial weekend, God bless all those who have given everything for our FREEDOM..yay hands lifted HIGH!!!

XOXO Teresa,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Today is FRIDAY..YAY..yippee!!
Today I am making a BLOG..hee hee and this is my very first post! This is one of my digital dolls, her name at present is "Spring Time". I am modeling her in Cinema 4D R13 and am super excited with the C4D upgrades. I'm taking a tutorial at . It is costing 45 bucks a month..UGGH, wow and I just realized a month has zoomed by and I haven't used it at all and I feel guilty. So today I will work a couple hours or more on Spring Time. She needs her hands, legs, and feet modeled. Her hair also needs a desperate brushing :) Ok, blog at ya later tators :) Have a great Friday, I believe it is date night too!